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Former Militant Leader Sobomabo Jackrich ‘Egberipapa’ Released from Custody

Sobomabo Jackrich ‘Egberipapa’, a former militant leader and gubernatorial candidate in the 2023 elections in Rivers State, has been released from custody. He regained his freedom on Wednesday evening, April 10, as reported by Vanguard. Following his release, Jackrich met with some of his supporters and allies in Port Harcourt.

A source told the publication;

“He was released this evening, (Wednesday) but he does not want to talk to anybody because he is consulting with his people.

“But at the moment, the army is denying that they are not the ones who carried out the action. So the matter is sensitive now. “

An Elder in the Compound Council of Chiefs of Ike Group of Houses, Chief Seliye Jackrich reportedly disclosed that they’ve been told about Sobomabo’s release but are yet to see him.

He said;

“As a family we have just heard this night that he has been released, but we have not seen him and he as not called anybody to say that he has been released. We only heard on the radio that he has has been released. We cannot confirm his release.”

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