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Former General Alleges Terror Involvement in Nigerian Army Chief’s Fatal Plane Crash

Former General Alleges Terror Involvement in Nigerian Army Chief's Fatal Plane Crash

A retired Nigerian Army General, Maj Gen Danjuma Ali-Keffi, has urged President Bola Tinubu to investigate the plane crash that killed former Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Ibrahim Attahiru. Ali-Keffi claims that terror sponsors are behind the incident.

Attahiru, along with 10 other officers, died in a Nigerian Air Force jet crash near Kaduna International Airport in May 2021. Initially attributed to bad weather, Ali-Keffi disputes this, linking the crash to terror sponsors and calling for a thorough investigation.

In an interview, Ali-Keffi highlighted the sudden changes in Attahiru’s travel plans, including the delay, aircraft switch, and landing in stormy weather. He questioned the circumstances, emphasizing the absence of a crater at the crash site, suggesting a possible mid-air explosion.

Ali-Keffi asserted that Attahiru was committed to ending insurgency, implementing strategies to infiltrate terror groups and eliminate their leaders. He hinted at a connection between the crash and Attahiru’s efforts to cut off terrorism funding.

The retired general raised concerns about the lack of transparency in the crash investigation and called for a comprehensive report. He questioned whether the delay in the flight and the change in weather conditions were deliberate and if the aircraft was sabotaged or contained explosives.

Previously involved in a task force investigating terrorism financing, Ali-Keffi highlighted connections between smuggling operations, terrorism, and illicit funds. He called for identifying and dismantling the network supporting terrorism.

Despite an audit committee and an interim report by the Accident Investigation Bureau, Ali-Keffi’s claims add new dimensions to the investigation, urging a closer look at potential terror involvement in the tragic event. Defense authorities have yet to respond to these allegations.

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