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Demolition Begins for Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway, Impacting Landmark Beach

Demolition Begins for Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway, Impacting Landmark Beach

The Federal Government has initiated the demolition of shanties and structures along the proposed route of the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway, signaling significant changes for the popular Landmark Beach Resort.

Minister of Works, David Umahi, oversaw the demolition exercise, stating the need to clear the right of way for the crucial infrastructure project aimed at improving coastal transportation and connectivity.

Umahi clarified that the demolition primarily targeted shanties and did not impact Landmark’s core infrastructure, reassuring that the project would benefit millions despite affecting a small percentage of businesses along the route.

The demolition has created uncertainty and despair among Landmark Beach businesses, with numerous structures marked for removal, leading to fears of job losses and economic upheaval.

While the government maintains its focus on completing the coastal road, affected businesses are grappling with the sudden changes, pleading for support and clarity amid the evolving landscape.

As Landmark Beach undergoes transformation, the community awaits further developments and the outcome of efforts to mitigate the impact on livelihoods affected by the coastal highway project.

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