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BBC Addresses Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Anti-Malaria Vaccine Claims

BBC Addresses Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Anti-Malaria Vaccine Claims

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) has released a report condemning Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy for spreading anti-vaccine sentiments, particularly targeting the malaria vaccine in Africa.

The BBC highlighted Oyakhilome’s statements, including his claim that vaccines have never worked and accusations of a conspiracy agenda behind malaria eradication efforts. The report emphasized concerns from medical experts that his influential anti-vaccine messages could hinder Africa’s fight against malaria.

Oyakhilome’s remarks were noted in a World Health Organization (WHO)-backed report as disinformation trends to watch, raising alarms about the potential impact on public health and vaccine uptake in Africa.

Despite BBC’s attempt to seek clarification from Oyakhilome regarding his statements, they received no response.

The report outlined Oyakhilome’s significant influence through his Christ Embassy church, which has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide. His anti-vaccine rhetoric extends beyond malaria to include conspiracy theories about Bill Gates and vaccines against diseases like HPV.

Concerns persist about the potential harm caused by Oyakhilome’s misleading claims, with calls for regulatory measures to address misinformation spread by influential religious figures.

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