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Bauchi Head Teacher Receives 11-Year Prison Term for Assault on 6-Year-Old

Bauchi Head Teacher Receives 11-Year Prison Term for Assault on 6-Year-Old

In a recent verdict from Bauchi State High Court No. 11, Head Teacher Jalaludeen Zakari, stationed in Burra, Ningi Local Government Area, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for the sexual assault of a 6-year-old girl. The presiding judge, Justice Nana Fatimah Jibrin, delivered the sentence after a disturbing incident unfolded at the school.

The young victim had been present for admission screening when the head teacher, Zakari, unlawfully detained her beyond official school hours. Barrister Dayabu Ayuba, the prosecuting counsel from the Bauchi State Ministry of Justice, revealed that Zakari had inserted his finger into the girl’s private parts during this detention.

The case sheds light on the grave issue of child abuse, as a person in a position of trust and authority violated the safety and well-being of a vulnerable child. The sentencing reflects the severity of the crime and sends a strong message against such reprehensible actions.

The incident occurred after the official school closing hours, raising concerns about the safety protocols in place and the need for heightened vigilance in educational institutions. The judiciary’s response in delivering an 11-year prison term underscores the commitment to justice and protection of the rights of the young victim.

As communities grapple with such distressing incidents, it emphasizes the importance of ensuring a secure environment for children in educational settings. The legal repercussions against the head teacher aim to deter such misconduct and uphold the safety of children within the school system.

Ayuba said that during the trial, three witnesses, including the victim, testified before the court.

“The perpetrator asked his victim to stay back, dismissing all other pupils without providing a reason for her extended stay. While she was left behind, the assailant subjected her to sexual assault, an act equivalent to rape in legal terms,” he said.

Ayuba said that the sentencing occurred in July of this year after Jalaludeen pleaded with the court for leniency.

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