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Akeredolu’s Widow Slams Critics During Ex-Governor’s Burial in Ondo

Akeredolu's Widow Slams Critics During Ex-Governor's Burial in Ondo

The late former governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, was laid to rest in a solemn ceremony in Owo, Ondo State, drawing dignitaries from across the nation. Akeredolu, who passed away in December 2023 after battling illness, was honored with tributes and accolades.

During the funeral service, Betty Akeredolu, the late governor’s widow, passionately defended her husband against critics who questioned his love for her. She denounced the mockery she faced, asserting that true love knows no weakness. Betty’s poignant words shed light on the challenges she endured amidst the loss of her beloved husband.

The former first lady said “It’s me, your adorable Betty. You just left me. Just like that! It hurts. Badly it hurts. Now alone to face all manners of mockery from the so-called friends and adversaries alike. Now alone. A beg o! Can an Amotekun generalissimo be a weakling? Mbanuu! It doesn’t add up nau. Haba!”

“Not a few lashed out that you (Akeredolu) were a weakling because you loved me. I don’t think so in their homes while growing up they saw their mothers trampled upon as doormats. By the way, do they know what love is?

“They copied the template and treated their wives as pieces of furniture that can be easily discarded as trash. In many instances, the subjugation was garnished with beatings while the community looked the other way and remained unperturbed by gender-based violence. Beaten up like punch bags.”

Dignitaries including President Bola Tinubu and state Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa hailed Akeredolu as a fearless leader who championed good governance and the rule of law. Their heartfelt eulogies highlighted Akeredolu’s enduring legacy and impact on the community.

The burial ceremony, attended by governors from several states and political figures, underscored Akeredolu’s significant contributions to the nation. As Ondo State bids farewell to a beloved leader, his memory lives on in the hearts of those he served.

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