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Air Peace Addresses Allegations of Fare Disparity, Cites Demand-Supply Dynamics

Air Peace Addresses Allegations of Fare Disparity, Cites Demand-Supply Dynamics

Air Peace has responded to accusations of charging higher ticket prices for destinations in the eastern part of the country. In a statement from the management, the airline clarified that ticket prices are determined by the principles of demand and supply.

According to Air Peace, their automated pricing system is designed in a way that higher fares are displayed as the available seats fill up. The statement emphasized that ticket prices will rise based on the demand for seats. This pricing mechanism, according to the airline, applies not only to its domestic flights but also to its international flights, both operating on the same fundamental principle.

The airline pointed out that this practice aligns with international standard procedures governing ticketing and fares worldwide. Explaining the surge during the Yuletide season, Air Peace noted that the increased demand in the eastern regions, where more people travel to airports in the South-south and Southeast, contributes to the adjustments in ticket prices.

It noted:
“Increased demand for flight tickets/high passenger traffic to these destinations this season automatically impacts how aircraft seats get sold. The seats get sold out faster than some routes with less traffic. Therefore, the airline booking engine reservation system displays the higher fares faster even though eventually, the higher fares will get displayed on the less traffic routes as the seats get fuller, too.”

Addressing the misrepresentation of facts and wrong accusations about the airline’s business model making the rounds on social media, it added that the airline fosters and promotes peace and unity amongst the different ethnic groups in Nigeria. “Lately, we have observed several posts on social media in which the authors purport that Air Peace is extorting Easterners with ‘high ticket fares.’ They intend to whip up ethnic sentiments against Air Peace and the Chairman, Dr. Allen Onyema, by insinuating that the airline has continued to favour Northerners at the expense of the Easterners in its ticket pricing.

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