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“You had time to do breast enlargement surgery and tummy tuck” – Yul Edochie Responds to May Edochie’s Comments on 2023

"You had time to do breast enlargement surgery and tummy tuck" - Yul Edochie Responds to May Edochie's Comments on 2023

Yul Edochie has taken to task his estranged wife, May Edochie, for expressing that 2023 was her worst year. The exchange unfolded after Yul shared on Instagram that 2023 was his best year, drawing criticism for labeling it so despite the loss of his son.

In response to May’s statement about her difficult year, Yul has publicly addressed her, raising concerns about decisions she made without his consent. He particularly mentioned her undergoing breast enlargement surgery and a tummy tuck.

This public exchange has ignited discussions on social media, with users expressing various opinions on the matter. Yul’s perspective on the events of 2023 being his best year, despite personal challenges, and May’s response shedding light on the difficulties she faced, has sparked a wider conversation on how individuals navigate and share their personal experiences.

The public nature of this conversation has led to mixed reactions, with some supporting Yul’s openness and others empathizing with May’s perspective. It serves as a reminder of the complexities within relationships and the challenges that come with sharing personal struggles on public platforms.

The actor has now called out his first wife . He accused her of undergoing breast enlargement surgery and a tummy tuck in 2023 “without your husband’s consent”. He also accused her of having a “married boyfriend”.

Yul then accused May of manipulating people on social media to hate on him.

“I have had enough,” he added in the caption.

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