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Will Smith’s Oscars Slap: Jada Pinkett Credits Oscar ‘Holy Slap’ For Saving Her Marriage

In a recent revelation, Jada Pinkett Smith disclosed that her marriage was rescued by the now-infamous Oscars slap incident involving her husband, Will Smith, and comedian Chris Rock. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Jada referred to the incident as the “holy slap” and acknowledged that it played a pivotal role in solidifying her commitment to her marriage.

Reflecting on the moment, Jada shared, “After all those years trying to figure out if I would leave Will’s side, it took that slap for me to see I will never leave him. Who knows where our relationship would be if that hadn’t happened?”

The incident unfolded during the 94th Academy Awards in March 2022 when Will Smith confronted Chris Rock on stage and slapped him in response to a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head, a result of her alopecia diagnosis.

Jada, who initially had reservations about attending the awards show, expressed gratitude for being present. She stated, “That moment of the shit hitting the fan is when you see where you really are. I call it the ‘holy slap’ now because so many positive things came after it.”

These comments align with Jada’s recent affirmation of her commitment to Will Smith, expressing a desire to stay together “forever.” This revelation follows a period of public speculation about the state of their marriage, with Jada mentioning earlier instances of living “completely separate lives” since 2016. Will Smith had also made a surprise appearance during Jada’s book tour, emphasizing their enduring connection despite challenges.

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