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Veteran Yoruba Actor, Olaiya Igwe, Issues Apologises For Praying Naked For Tinubu

Veteran Yoruba Actor, Olaiya Igwe, Issues Apologises For Praying Naked For Tinubu

Olaiya Igwe, also known as Ebun Oloyede, a respected figure in the Yoruba acting community, has publicly apologized for a controversial incident involving him praying naked at a beach in support of Bola Tinubu, a prominent politician.

In a now-deleted Instagram video, Igwe explained that his actions stemmed from what he claimed was a divine revelation urging him to pray for Tinubu, whom he credited with assisting him during a health crisis.

However, in a recent video on his YouTube channel, Igwe has taken a different tone, expressing concerns about the state of the nation and urging Tinubu to address the hardships faced by Nigerians.

He highlighted the suffering and discontent among citizens, including those in the diaspora, emphasizing the need for urgent action to alleviate the nation’s challenges.

Specifically, Igwe called on Tinubu to establish a monitoring team to oversee projects aimed at reducing poverty and hardship, citing instances of mismanagement and diversion of funds meant for palliatives.

He suggested that Tinubu’s children lead this team to ensure accountability and effective execution of initiatives.

Igwe also addressed the backlash he faced for his naked prayer, acknowledging criticism and curses from various quarters but maintaining his stance that it was an expression of gratitude and not seeking personal gain or political appointment.

He urged Tinubu to heed the advice of former Central Bank Governor Charles Soludo and take seriously the concerns raised about his leadership.

Overall, Igwe’s apology and subsequent advocacy reflect a shift in sentiment, as he calls for tangible actions to address the pressing issues facing Nigerians under Tinubu’s leadership.

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