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Taylor Swift Takes Legal Action Against Student Tracking Her Private Jet Using Public Data

Taylor Swift Takes Legal Action Against Student Tracking Her Private Jet Using Public Data
TaylorSwift (Left), Jack Sweeney (Right)

Taylor Swift has engaged in a legal battle with a University of Central Florida student, Jack Sweeney, who has been tracking her private jet movements using public data and social media. Swift’s legal team issued a cease-and-desist letter to Sweeney, alleging that his actions pose a threat to her safety by potentially enabling stalkers to locate her.

In response, Sweeney argues that he has no malicious intent and believes in transparency and public information. He asserts that tracking private jets, including Swift’s, is a common practice due to public flight data availability. Sweeney’s tracking setup relies on Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), a technology used for aircraft surveillance that combines aircraft positioning with ground infrastructure.

Swift’s legal team accuses Sweeney of harassment and violating privacy, demanding that he cease sharing information about Swift’s jet movements. Additionally, social media accounts used by Sweeney to share this tracking information have been suspended following threats from Swift’s team.

Sweeney’s tracking activities have drawn attention in the past, including a dispute with Elon Musk over tracking his private jet. Despite these controversies, Sweeney maintains that his actions are not meant to cause harm but rather to provide public information.

While Swift’s team expresses concern for her safety, some experts question the necessity of legal action, arguing that Swift’s schedule is already public knowledge due to her public appearances and performances.

As the legal battle continues, Swift’s team and Sweeney remain at odds, with both sides asserting their positions on the issue of privacy and public information.

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