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Sophia Momodu Challenges Davido’s Custody Bid Of Their Daughter Imade, Cites Neglect and Misconduct

Sophia Momodu Challenges Davido's Custody Bid, Cites Neglect and Misconduct

Sophia Momodu has opposed musician David Adeleke’s (Davido) request for custody of their daughter, Imade, in a Lagos State High Court, arguing he is unfit for the role. Momodu claims Davido is often unavailable and cannot care for their daughter properly.

In her counter-affidavit, Momodu alleges that despite Davido’s claims of fulfilling his financial obligations, he failed to pay their daughter’s school fees, almost leading to her being expelled. She asserts Davido has shown little true commitment or love toward their daughter and has used visitation as a precondition for sexual favors.

Momodu recounts incidents where Davido would stop supporting their daughter whenever she refused his advances and once even threw them out of his Atlanta home, forcing them to seek shelter with a friend. She also claims Davido’s father intervened to pay the school fees when Davido defaulted.

She states she has provided the best care for their daughter despite Davido’s negligence, emphasizing her refusal to allow Davido to visit at inappropriate hours. Momodu adds that Davido only engages with their daughter for media stunts and promotions, not out of genuine fatherly love.

During the court proceedings, Momodu’s legal team, led by Chief (Dr) Anthony Idigbe (SAN), highlighted the inappropriate publication of their daughter’s name in a national newspaper by Davido’s legal team, which the judge agreed should not have occurred.

The judge requested that non-involved parties leave the courtroom, stating the need to protect the child’s identity according to the Child’s Rights Law of Lagos State.

Momodu criticized the publication of the custody suit, claiming it endangered their daughter’s safety and necessitated extra security measures. The court referred the case for possible settlement through the Alternative Dispute Resolution section.

Davido responded on social media, stating he only seeks joint custody and criticized Momodu for repeatedly bringing up the death of his son. He expressed his love for Imade and vowed to continue fighting for her, despite the challenges.

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