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Sofia Richie Grainge Announces Pregnancy in Vogue

Sofia Richie Grainge Announces Pregnancy in Vogue

Model Sofia Richie Grainge and music executive husband Elliot Grainge are expecting their first child, a baby girl. The couple shared the news through a Vogue article and Instagram posts, revealing Sofia is currently six months pregnant.

Sofia, 25, disclosed that they’ve been trying for a baby since their lavish wedding in April. She described finding out about the pregnancy early on during a trip to Milan for Fashion Week. The revelation came as a surprise, considering her hectic schedule, and she initially mistook the signs for jet lag.

The Grainges chose a unique and intimate way to reveal the news to their parents at the eight-week mark. Using a special box, they presented what seemed like an expensive gift from Milan Fashion Week, only to reveal three positive pregnancy tests. Sofia emphasized the importance of keeping the pregnancy private initially, citing the need to protect their mental health and space as a couple.

Reflecting on her pregnancy journey, Sofia shared her newfound appreciation for the female body and the various changes it undergoes. She expressed excitement about expecting a Gemini baby but mentioned the due date being somewhat uncertain due to the rapid growth.

Sofia Richie Grainge plans to maintain her daughter’s privacy, influenced by her own experience growing up in the public eye. She emphasized the desire to allow her child the autonomy to choose a private or public life. Sofia, with over 10.9 million Instagram followers and 3.5 million TikTok followers, acknowledged the challenge of holding back during this transformative period but looks forward to reconnecting with her audience.

As the Grainges prepare for the arrival of their daughter, Sofia shared insights into her maternity style, nursery preparations, and the anticipation of becoming a parent. She aims to be a supportive yet balanced figure in her daughter’s life, valuing kindness and manners. As Sofia Richie Grainge enters the final stretch of her pregnancy, she reflects on the normalcy of emotional ups and downs, finding comfort in shared experiences with other expectant mothers. The couple plans to celebrate with a baby shower and a babymoon closer to April, opting for a California-based retreat.

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