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Serwaa Amihere Addresses Leaked Tape Scandal, Apologizes

Serwaa Amihere Addresses Leaked Tape Scandal, Apologizes

Popular Ghanaian TV presenter Serwaa Amihere has spoken out for the first time since the leakage of her intimate video. In a statement posted on her Instagram account, Amihere expressed her embarrassment and apologized for the distress the incident caused to her family, loved ones, and associated brands.

She revealed that the video, recorded five years ago, was leaked after months of threats and extortion attempts. Despite efforts by law enforcement, the video was widely circulated, leading to significant distress.

Amihere also disclosed that three individuals – Edem Saviour Ketti, Candylove Kwakyewaa Ababio, and Henry Amponsah, also known as Henry Fitz – have been detained and charged with sexual extortion and dissemination of private visual content.

The TV presenter expressed her remorse for the situation and thanked everyone for their support during this challenging time. She emphasized that she had learned from the experience and pledged that such an incident would not happen again.

**Background on the Case**

The leaked video scandal involving Serwaa Amihere gained public attention on April 2, 2024, and sparked widespread discussions on social media. The video depicted Amihere in an intimate situation with Henry Fitz, her former partner. It was later revealed that Fitz had allegedly blackmailed Amihere for several weeks before leaking the video online.

The police subsequently arrested three suspects – Edem Saviour Ketti, Candylove Ababio, and Henry Amponsah – on charges related to the dissemination of the video. The suspects allegedly demanded money from Amihere and threatened to release the video if their demands were not met. Despite receiving payment, they proceeded to leak the video on social media.

The incident prompted Amihere to file an official complaint with the police, leading to the arrest of the suspects. They now face charges under Ghana’s cyber security laws, which criminalize the sharing of intimate images without consent.

Amihere’s case highlights the seriousness of cyber crimes and the legal consequences for those involved in such activities. Ghana’s cyber security laws impose significant penalties, including hefty fines and lengthy prison terms, for individuals found guilty of sharing intimate images without consent or engaging in sexual extortion.

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