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Rihanna Expresses Interest in Collaborating with Ayra Starr

Rihanna Expresses Interest in Collaborating with Ayra Starr

Rihanna, the renowned pop icon currently expecting her third child, has openly shared her desire to collaborate with Nigerian artist Ayra Starr, during a recent Fenty event.

The Barbadian singer revealed that her cousin from Barbados was the one who introduced her to Ayra Starr’s music and is “completely obsessed” with her.

Ayra Starr, known for her admiration for Rihanna, described her as a major inspiration who advises staying true to oneself. In a Rolling Stone interview, Starr emphasized Rihanna’s influence on her approach to music.

During their encounter, Rihanna inquired about potential collaborations and expressed interest in joining a song. Starr mentioned her connection with Tems and hinted at exciting possibilities for future projects.

This interaction has sparked anticipation among fans, as both artists explore the prospect of a musical collaboration.

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