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Rema and Justine Skye’s New Year’s Eve Church Appearance Fuels Romance Rumors

Rema and Justine Skye's New Year's Eve Church Appearance Fuels Romance Rumors

Romance rumors are once again making headlines as Rema and American singer Justine Skye were spotted together at a church crossover service in Lagos on New Year’s Eve. In a viral video, the duo was seen leaving the church surrounded by security.

This recent appearance has reignited speculation about their relationship, with social media buzzing about the possibility of a romantic connection. The online community seems convinced that their joint attendance at church is a clear indicator of a romantic involvement.

Rema and Justine Skye's New Year's Eve Church Appearance Fuels Romance Rumors

Accompanying them to the service was fellow Mavin signee Crayon and others, but the focus remained on Rema and Skye, who have been at the center of romance rumors since August 2023. During Skye’s birthday celebration, the two were spotted together, with Rema helping her light candles on her birthday cake.

The history of dating speculations between Rema and Skye dates back to 2021, following the release of their collaborative song, “Twisted Fantasy.” The rumors gained momentum when Skye celebrated Rema’s 21st birthday with him that same year. Despite recurring speculations, both artists have neither confirmed nor denied the romance rumors.

It’s worth noting that the duo’s recent joint appearance at the church has once again fueled the ongoing conversation about the nature of their relationship, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any official statement from Rema or Justine Skye.

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