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Real Reason For High Rate Of Divorce In Entertainment Industry – Actor Nedu

Real Reason For High Rate Of Divorce In Entertainment Industry – Actor Nedu

Nollywood actor and media personality, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, popularly known as Nedu, has explained his perspective on the rising divorce rates in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

According to the comedian, the primary cause of the frequent divorces among celebrities is the absence of peace in their marriages. Nedu expressed the belief that maintaining mental well-being is a legitimate justification for divorce, underscoring the idea that if marriage negatively impacts one’s happiness, opting for divorce is a reasonable choice.

He disagreed with the notion that individuals should endure unhappy marriages as their “crosses,” emphasizing the importance of preserving one’s mental health.

Speaking in a recent interview with Hip TV, Nedu said: “My take on divorce is, if it doesn’t work, then take a walk. I’m all for peace of mind. Whatever is not giving me peace, I don’t want it. I can’t come and go and kill myself.

“Some people tell you, it’s your cross, carry am. No, na only Jesus dey carry cross. If you’re not giving me peace of mind, then what am I doing with you? Absolutely, nothing.

I protect my sanity which is the most important part of who I am. I’m asking people to divorce but ask yourself if you’re going home every day because of the kids and not the person you married.

That tells you a lot. If the person you are married to doesn’t give you joy, then what are you doing? If it’s not working, get out.”

DAILY POST recalls that Nedu separated from his estranged wife, Uzoamaka, in 2018 after accusing her of paternity fraud.

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