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Rapper Killer Mike Arrested at Grammys After Winning Three Awards

Rapper Killer Mike Arrested at Grammys After Winning Three Awards

Rapper Killer Mike faced an arrest for misdemeanor battery shortly after securing three Grammy Awards, marking his first wins in over two decades. The 48-year-old, also known as Michael Render, was released by the Los Angeles Police Department after an alleged backstage altercation at the Arena during the 2024 Grammy Awards.

The LAPD spokesperson confirmed the arrest, stating it occurred just after 4 pm at the 700 block of Chick Hearn Court. Render was handcuffed and detained but is in the process of being released. Videos captured by the Hollywood Reporter showed the rapper being escorted out by police.

Despite the arrest, Killer Mike celebrated his victories at the Grammy premiere ceremony, where he won Best Rap Album for “Michael,” and Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for his track “Scientists and Engineers.” The incident took place right after he proudly declared, “The only thing that limits your age is not being truthful about your age or what you’re doing.”

In his passionate speech, Killer Mike reflected on his journey, emphasizing that age should not hinder one’s involvement in hip-hop. “For all the people out there that think you get too old to rap, bullshit,” he exclaimed. “If you’re 78 rapping about how many gals you got in the nursing home, make sure we keep hip-hop alive.”

His attorney confirmed his release, mentioning that Killer Mike would be celebrating his sweep. The rapper’s arrest came at a moment of triumph, winning in all three nominated categories and marking a significant return to Grammy success since 2003.

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