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Producer Dr. Roy Voices Frustration Over Unpaid Royalties for Mercy Chinwo’s Songs

Producer Dr. Roy Voices Frustration Over Unpaid Royalties for Mercy Chinwo's Songs

Music producer Dr. Roy recently aired his grievances on the Honest Bunch podcast, expressing deep disappointment over unpaid royalties for hit tracks he produced for Nigerian gospel singer Mercy Chinwo. Dr. Roy tearfully recounted his experiences working extensively with Chinwo and her record label, EeZee Concept.

During the podcast, Dr. Roy revealed that despite working tirelessly from 7 a.m. to 5 a.m. daily to produce songs like “Excess Love,” “Omekanaya,” “Receive It,” and “Incredible God,” he had not received fair compensation. He emotionally shared that the lack of payment affected his ability to provide for his family.

The situation became personal for Dr. Roy when he reached out to Chinwo for assistance during a difficult time when his father suffered a stroke. Instead of receiving help, he claimed Chinwo only offered prayers and reassurance that his father would recover.

Although initially attributing the issue to Mercy Chinwo herself, Dr. Roy later clarified in a video that he was addressing EeZee Tee of EeZee Concept, Chinwo’s record label, regarding the unpaid royalties.

Chinwo has not publicly responded to the allegations made by Dr. Roy. The producer’s emotional account has sparked discussions about fair compensation and artist-producer relationships within the music industry.

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