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Nollywood Feud: Femi Adebayo and Dayo Amusa Engage in Heated Exchange Over Bobrisky’s Award

Nollywood Feud: Femi Adebayo and Dayo Amusa Spar Over Bobrisky's Award

A heated exchange between Nollywood actors Femi Adebayo and Dayo Amusa has ignited tensions, with Adebayo warning Amusa against targeting him and questioning her motives.

The dispute arose after Amusa criticized Adebayo’s decision to award Bobrisky at a recent film premiere, alleging disrespect towards women.

In response, Adebayo defended his actions, advising Amusa to focus on her career and warning her against seeking conflict.

The feud escalated when Adebayo’s wife, Aduke, entered the fray, accusing Amusa of hypocrisy and meddling in their affairs.

Amusa retaliated, dismissing Aduke’s criticisms and accusing her of being financially dependent on Adebayo.

Adebayo intervened once more, urging Amusa to find peace and redirect her energy positively.

The saga underscores tensions within the Nollywood community, highlighting the complexities of navigating fame and relationships in the industry.

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