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Nollywood Actress, Sola Sobowale Debunks Drug Trafficking and Death Rumors

Nollywood veteran Sola Sobowale has dispelled rumors about her arrest and death in Saudi Arabia due to drug trafficking. During a live chat on the ‘Teju Baby Face Show,’ the 58-year-old actress addressed these rumors, recalling how she faced similar false reports when she left Nigeria for the United Kingdom.

Sobowale shared that various negative stories circulated about her, including claims of her death in Saudi Arabia, but she remained unfazed, stating she is at peace with God. She recounted an amusing incident where reports claimed she was selling food in a London restaurant owned by her sister, Kike Oyelami. Sobowale clarified that she would occasionally assist her sister at the restaurant, leading to misleading reports.

The actress expressed that the most hurtful lie was the false story of her arrest and death in Saudi Arabia, where she was alleged to have been involved in drug trafficking. She humorously recounted the fabricated account of her arrest, amputation, and subsequent death.

Sobowale emphasized that she had never been to Saudi Arabia and debunked the story upon returning to Nigeria. She also highlighted the importance of parental involvement in children’s lives, attributing her own values to her parents’ upbringing.

The veteran actress disclosed that she paused her career to focus on raising her children, without expecting anything in return. Despite facing negative reports, Sobowale expressed gratitude for God’s blessings in her life.

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