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Nigerians Don’t Understand My Music, But Appreciate Me – Tems

Nigerians Don’t Understand My Music, But Appreciate Me – Tems

Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, Temilade Openiyi, known as Tems, has expressed that Nigerians do not fully understand her music. While she is unsure if her compatriots appreciate her musical style, she feels personally appreciated by Nigerians.

In a teaser for the upcoming episode of ‘Flow with Korty,’ Tems said, “Nigerians don’t understand my music, I don’t know if they appreciate my music, but I feel appreciated as a person by Nigerians. It is unheard of to do my type of music as a Nigerian in Nigeria.”

Tems also addressed her approach to maintaining a professional image in the music industry. She emphasized that she is not interested in being a sex symbol and is focused on her work. “I used to not always like my body. If my being attractive is disturbing you, I will help you. So I go to studios in baggy clothes and my alpha mode; I want you not to be seduced by me,” she explained.

Her comments sparked reactions from netizens, with some agreeing that her music is different from the typical Afrobeat sound popular in Nigeria. Others noted that Nigerians prefer music that makes them dance and may not fully engage with Tems’ unique style.

One user, Ogbeni Olabode, commented, “As good as Tems is with her craft, I feel Nigerians relate more with Tiwa Savage and Ayra Starr’s kind of music, not because Tems is not good, but because Tiwa and Ayra Starr’s music has that Afrobeat vibe unlike Tems’.”

Another user, Techsavvyten, added, “Irrefutable truth. Nigerians want gbedu all the time.”

Despite these views, many fans expressed their admiration for Tems, with one fan, officialozor, stating, “I’m a big fan of Tems, I love her music.”

Tems’ unique sound continues to gain international recognition, even if it diverges from the mainstream Nigerian music scene.

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