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Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion Exchange Heated Words in Escalating Feud

Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion Exchange Heated Words in Escalating Feud

A heated feud has erupted between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion over Megan’s latest song, “Hiss,” where she takes an apparent jab at Nicki’s husband, Kenneth Petty, a registered sex offender. Referencing Megan’s Law, which requires information about registered sex offenders to be made public, Megan’s lyrics hint at underlying tension.

In response, Nicki Minaj previewed an unreleased track on Instagram Live, firing back at Megan. The snippet includes wordplay alluding to Megan’s foot injury from the 2020 shooting incident involving Tory Lanez. Nicki criticized Megan’s rapping ability during the Live session, escalating the conflict.

The feud intensified as Nicki accused Megan of bringing up old controversies, including Kenneth Petty’s legal issues from his teenage years, and made derogatory remarks about Megan’s late mother. In a video on radio app Stationhead, Nicki expressed her displeasure, calling out Megan for allowing others, including DaBaby and Tory Lanez, to be “thrown under the bus.”

Megan, on the other hand, hasn’t directly responded to Nicki’s latest comments. The origin of the feud remains unclear, but some speculate it may be related to Megan collaborating with Cardi B on “WAP” in 2020, a perceived rivalry with Nicki.

The exchange on social media has sparked reactions from fans, with some expressing disappointment in Nicki’s comments about Megan’s deceased mother. As the feud escalates, it adds a dramatic layer to the ongoing dynamics within the hip-hop community.

This clash comes amid Megan Thee Stallion’s release of “Hiss,” the second single from her upcoming third album, following the success of “Cobra.” The rivalry between these two prominent figures in the music industry continues to captivate and divide fans.

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