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Martin Mull, Actor and Comedian, Dies at 80

Martin Mull, Actor and Comedian, Dies at 80

Martin Mull, the actor and comedian known for his roles in “Clue,” “Arrested Development,” and “Roseanne,” passed away at 80 after a long illness. His daughter, Maggie Mull, shared the news on Instagram, expressing her heartbreak and highlighting his talent across various creative fields.

Mull’s career began with his role as Barth Gimble on the satirical TV series “Fernwood 2 Night,” which led to his well-known portrayal of Colonel Mustard in “Clue.” He played memorable characters on several popular TV shows, including Leon Carp on “Roseanne,” Principal Willard Kraft on “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” and Gene Parmesan on “Arrested Development.”

His diverse career also included music, where he performed satirical songs and opened for artists like Frank Zappa and Bruce Springsteen. Mull was nominated for an Emmy in 2016 for his guest role on “Veep” and made notable guest appearances on shows such as “Community” and “Two and a Half Men.”

Born in Chicago, Mull studied painting and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. He is survived by his wife, Wendy Haas, and his daughter, Maggie Mull.

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