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Lord Lamba Shares First Pictures of Daughter Following Queen Atang’s Engagement Announcement

Lord Lamba Shares First Pictures of Daughter Following Queen Atang's Engagement Announcement

Nigerian skit maker and Instagram sensation, Lord Lamba, has finally unveiled pictures of his daughter, Princess Keilah, whom he shares with former BBNaija housemate, Queen Atang. This revelation comes just hours after Queen Atang announced her engagement, sparking widespread curiosity about the paternity of their child.

Lord Lamba, whose real name is Promise Kelvin Anagbogu, took to social media to share heartwarming images and videos of Princess Keilah, marking the first time he publicly acknowledged their relationship as father and daughter. The announcement ends months of speculation surrounding the identity of Princess Keilah’s father, with Lord Lamba neither confirming nor denying his paternity until now.

Renowned for his comedic prowess and storytelling skills, Lord Lamba has amassed a large following on social media, captivating audiences with his humorous skits and relatable content. His decision to share glimpses of his personal life adds a new dimension to his public persona, revealing a tender and familial side that contrasts with his comedic persona as the “Lord of Lies.”

While details about Lord Lamba and Queen Atang’s relationship remain private, the heartfelt images of Lord Lamba bonding with Princess Keilah offer fans a glimpse into their shared journey as parents. As the news of their daughter’s introduction to the world spreads, it marks a significant moment in both their lives and underscores the power of love and family amidst the spotlight of fame.

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