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Ken Erics Pays Heartwarming Visit to Mr. Ibu After Hospital Discharge

Ken Erics Pays Heartwarming Visit to Mr. Ibu After Hospital Discharge

Nollywood actor Ken Erics brings warmth and joy to fans as he pays a visit to veteran actor John Okafor, widely known as Mr. Ibu, who recently returned home after hospitalization and the amputation of one of his legs due to health challenges.

Mr. Ibu’s health struggles were first highlighted in October 2023 when he sought financial assistance for life-threatening illnesses, including blood clotting and other severe health issues. The ABS Foundation and several well-wishers came forward to cover his medical expenses.

In a recent Instagram post, Ken Erics shares a video capturing the moments of his visit to Mr. Ibu’s residence, providing an update on the legendary actor’s ongoing recovery after the amputation.

Captioning the post, Ken Erics expresses his intention to brighten the day of fans and admirers of Mr. Ibu, writing, “Happy Sunday lovelies. Something to brighten your day @realmribu.”

This visit follows Mr. Ibu’s discharge from the hospital and marks the first time the comic actor is seen on video since the leg amputation. His family, in a previous statement, explained the complexities of the situation, stating that the amputation was a necessary step to increase his chances of recovery.

Despite facing challenges like being deemed ‘Not Fit to Fly’ for advanced medical treatment abroad, Mr. Ibu’s resilience and the support of the Nollywood community and fans continue to play a crucial role in his journey to healing.

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