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Katt Williams Sparks Feud with Comedy Trio: Harvey, Cedric, and Smiley

In a recent episode of Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, Katt Williams ignited a heated feud by accusing fellow comedians Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, and Rickey Smiley of betrayal and conspiracy.

Williams Accuses Cedric the Entertainer:
Williams claimed that Cedric the Entertainer stole his jokes, alleging that the veteran comedian copied a televised joke he performed in 2018. He challenged Cedric’s credibility, questioning the originality of his material and criticizing his looks, referring to him as a “walrus” with no talent.

Rickey Smiley Called Out for Alleged Lies:
Turning his attention to Rickey Smiley, Williams accused him of lying about their roles in the 2002 film Friday After Next. Williams asserted that Smiley had misled him, stating that Smiley falsely claimed he was supposed to play Money Mike, a role that eventually went to Williams. Smiley defended himself, stating he had no reason to lie and expressing his approval of Williams being cast as Money Mike.

Harvey’s Plagiarism Allegations and Critique:
The Lonely Street star didn’t spare Steve Harvey, dubbing him a “potato head” and accusing him of stealing Mark Curry’s sitcom role. Williams claimed that Harvey replicated everything Curry had done, down to the wardrobe, and criticized Harvey’s acting abilities, questioning why he hadn’t become a movie star.

The Trio Accused of Conspiracy:
Williams alleged a long-standing conspiracy against him, claiming that Harvey, Smiley, and Cedric had been working together to undermine his career for 30 years. He pointed to instances where Smiley appeared at his auditions, insinuating a coordinated effort against him.

Smiley Responds to Williams’s Claims:
Rickey Smiley, responding on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, refuted Williams’s accusations, maintaining that he had no reason to lie about their roles in Friday After Next. Smiley praised Williams’s portrayal of Money Mike and emphasized that the decision to cast Williams in the role added humor to the character. He expressed disappointment over Williams’s comments, particularly during a challenging time as he approaches the one-year anniversary of his son’s death.

Despite the ongoing feud, Smiley extended well wishes to Katt Williams and encouraged his audience to support Williams’s upcoming shows. The clash adds a dramatic layer to the comedic landscape, leaving fans intrigued by the unexpected tensions within the usually close-knit community of comedians.

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