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Kathy Griffin Ends Marriage With Randy Bick, Citing Irreconcilable Differences

Kathy Griffin Ends Marriage With Randy Bick, Citing Irreconcilable Differences

After almost four years of marriage, renowned comedian and actress Kathy Griffin has officially filed for divorce from her husband, Randy Bick. The couple’s separation took place on December 22, and Griffin, known for her candidness, has informed the LA courts of their decision, seeking the enforcement of their prenuptial agreement.

Griffin and Bick’s journey began in 2011 when they started dating after an encounter at a food and wine festival. Griffin humorously recounted that she initially thought Bick was just a “man-whore” and didn’t anticipate the relationship lasting due to their 18-year age difference.

The duo tied the knot in a surprise at-home ceremony on January 1, 2020, officiated by actress Lily Tomlin. The ceremony turned out to be more meaningful than initially anticipated, as Tomlin remarked on the depth of their connection.

However, their path to marital bliss had its challenges. Two years before their joyous ceremony, Griffin publicly announced their separation in 2018 through a tweet, stating, “After 7 years, Randy and I have decided to part ways. It’s not acrimonious, and I will always adore him.”

Despite the publicized parting, Griffin and Bick reconciled and continued their journey together, leading to their marriage in 2020. Unfortunately, Griffin has now filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

In a surprising turn of events, TMZ reported the divorce first, highlighting that Griffin, at 63, won’t be obligated to provide spousal support, given the prenuptial agreement. As the couple didn’t have children, child support is not an issue in their separation.

While Griffin has not yet commented on the divorce, her tweet on the matter expressed her sentiment succinctly: “Well…sh*t. This sucks.” Perhaps Griffin will share more insights during her upcoming tour, “My Life on the PTSD-List,” scheduled to kick off in February.

The Grammy and Emmy winner, who battled lung cancer in 2021 and announced her cancer-free status in June, seems poised to return to the stage after vocal cord treatment. Despite life’s challenges, Griffin remains resilient and ready to face the next chapter.

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