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Kate Garraway’s Husband Derek Draper in Critical Condition After Heart Attack

Kate Garraway's Husband Derek Draper in Critical Condition After Heart Attack

Television presenter Kate Garraway is facing another harrowing chapter in her husband Derek Draper’s health journey as he battles for his life following a heart attack. Derek, 56, had previously spent a year in the hospital after contracting COVID-19 in 2020, which led to a medically induced coma and ventilator support. The recent heart attack has left him in a critical condition in the hospital.

Garraway, 56, has canceled all her TV and radio commitments to be with her husband, maintaining a 24-hour vigil. The family received news of Derek’s deteriorating health, which came as a shock given his positive progress. A source revealed that he had been in great spirits, looking forward to spending Christmas at home with the family before the sudden setback.

“Derek has fought so many times, and always, against all odds, come out the other side,” said the source. Garraway has been a devoted caregiver, and her determination to support Derek during his health battles has been evident throughout. In October, she shared that Derek was “not doing great” after an infection, and earlier this year, she described the challenges of caring for him on Giovanna Fletcher’s Journey to Magic podcast.

The couple’s journey has been marked by significant health struggles for Derek, who has faced brain inflammation, kidney failure, and damage to the liver and pancreas due to COVID-19. Despite the difficulties, Garraway has been hopeful about Derek’s improvement, emphasizing the progress made compared to previous years.

As the Good Morning Britain presenter and her family pray for a miracle, Derek’s critical condition underscores the ongoing challenges they face. The setback highlights the unpredictable nature of his recovery, and Garraway continues to provide unwavering support during these difficult times. Friends, family, and well-wishers are rallying around the couple, hoping for Derek’s recovery against the odds.

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