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Kannywood Actress Amal Umar Arrested Over Bribery Allegations

Kannywood Actress Amal Umar Arrested Over Bribery Allegations

Amal Umar, a renowned actress in Nigeria’s Kannywood industry, has been arrested in Kano state on charges of attempting to bribe a police officer.

The incident revolves around her impounded car, suspected to be linked to her boyfriend’s alleged fraudulent activities. Amal denies the bribery accusation, claiming that the officer initially solicited the money.

The actress, popularly known as Amal, has a massive following on social media and has starred in numerous films over the past decade.

Police claim that Amal offered 250,000 naira to the officer to secure the release of her vehicle, which had been seized over a year ago due to suspicions of being purchased with fraudulent proceeds.

Her lawyer asserts that Amal was coerced, emphasizing that they previously won a case where she was wrongly implicated in her boyfriend’s affairs.

Despite being granted bail, Amal’s car remains impounded, and her boyfriend, Ramadan Inuwa, is wanted on charges related to financial misappropriation.

The case is ongoing, with Amal maintaining her innocence and vowing to contest the bribery allegations in court.

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