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Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s Divorce Finalized Just One Day After Filing

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet's Divorce Finalized Just One Day After Filing

In a swift resolution, the divorce between Hollywood stars Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet has been granted, merely one day after Bonet filed for divorce. Court documents obtained by PEOPLE from the Superior Court of California confirmed the official dissolution of their marriage.

The Aquaman star, 44, and The Cosby Show alum, 56, seemingly had already worked out the details of their divorce before the formal filing. According to their Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA), both parties expressed full satisfaction with the disclosures and displayed sufficient knowledge about the division of assets and incomes.

The couple, who married on October 7, 2017, shares two children: daughter Lola, 16, and son Nakoa-Wolf, 15. Bonet is also the mother of actress Zoë Kravitz with her ex-husband Lenny Kravitz.

As outlined in the MSA, joint legal custody has been awarded to both parents for their minor children, with shared responsibilities for health, education, and welfare. At present, there is no specified child support agreement, and both Momoa and Bonet will equally share living expenses for their children. The agreement also includes a waiver of spousal support from either party, which is deemed permanent and final.

While the divorce is official, the legal status of being single will not be declared until July 9. In her divorce filing, Bonet cited irreconcilable differences and indicated the date of separation as October 7, 2020.

The couple had initially announced their separation two years ago, attributing it to the transformative times and a family evolving amid seismic shifts. Despite the end of their marriage, the shared commitment to their children and a desire for dignity and honesty in their individual paths remains evident.

This quick and amicable resolution marks the conclusion of an 18-year journey for Bonet and Momoa, who became a couple in 2005, legally marrying in 2017. While their paths diverge, the enduring love and shared commitment to family prevail.

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