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“If anything happens to me, hold Tonto Dikeh responsible” – VeryDarkMan Alleges Threats from Tonto Dikeh

"If anything happens to me, hold Tonto Dikeh responsible" - VeryDarkMan Alleges Threats from Tonto Dikeh

In a startling turn of events, social media critic VeryDarkMan has raised concerns about his safety, claiming that Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh should be held accountable if anything were to happen to him. This comes after VeryDarkMan was taken to the police by Dikeh over his allegations regarding her involvement in the late singer Mohbad’s case.

After being released following police interrogation, VeryDarkMan shared a video message on his X handle, expressing fear for his life and directly implicating Tonto Dikeh. He asserted, “Tonto Dikeh has threatened me, and I’m scared for my life at this point. If anything happens to me, hold Tonto Dikeh accountable.”

The initial incident unfolded when Dikeh and her colleague Iyabo Ojo were accused by VeryDarkMan of insincere interests in the Mohbad case. Although he was released after police questioning, the situation escalated with Dikeh reportedly making threats against him.

In response, VeryDarkMan released a video expressing his fear and calling on the public to hold Tonto Dikeh responsible for any harm that may befall him. The social media activist explained that his family members had advised him to go into hiding due to the alleged threats from the actress.

This development adds a new layer to the ongoing controversy, with the public now closely watching the situation unfold and raising questions about the safety and well-being of VeryDarkMan.

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