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Ian Ziering Involved in New Year’s Eve Fight with Bikers in Hollywood

Ian Ziering Involved in New Year's Eve Fight with Bikers in Hollywood

Former ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ star Ian Ziering found himself in the midst of a chaotic altercation with a group of bikers on New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles. The incident, caught on camera and reported by TMZ, unfolded on Hollywood Blvd.

In the video, Ziering, 59, was seen surrounded by bikers riding mini-bikes, leading to an apparent physical confrontation. As the scuffle escalated, more bikers joined, resulting in a brawl. Ziering attempted to flee but was pursued, experiencing a shirt grab, a push into a vehicle, and multiple strikes.

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to reports of a fight prompted by reckless driving by the bikers. The incident is under investigation, with no immediate response from the LAPD or Ziering’s representatives.

While Ziering has yet to comment on the incident on his Instagram account, TMZ reported that he was listed as a victim in the official report, and no arrests were made as of Sunday evening.

In a separate video released by TMZ, Ziering is seen comforting his daughter, Mia, 12, who appeared upset by the altercation. Both Ian and Mia are reported to be physically fine.

Ziering, known for his role in “Sharknado,” had discussed his career at the 90s Con in Connecticut in March 2023. During a panel, he revealed a moment when he almost ventured into reality TV but ultimately dismissed the idea, jokingly stating he “would have been horrible” and expressing interest in hosting “The Price Is Right.”

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