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I was set up – Actress, Lizzy Anjorin denies ‘fake transfer’ scandal

I was set up – Actress, Lizzy Anjorin denies ‘fake transfer’ scandal

Lizzy Anjorin, a prominent figure in Nollywood, finds herself embroiled in controversy after being accused of theft. Anjorin took to Instagram to vehemently deny recent reports claiming she shoplifted jewelry worth ₦90,000, asserting that she was framed. She detailed a series of events from November 17 of the previous year, recounting her purchase of accessories and subsequent accusation by the seller of a fraudulent transfer.

In a video circulating on social media, Anjorin is seen being interrogated by traders in Lagos Island, wearing a face mask and appearing distressed. The actress refutes claims of buying gold jewelry with fake transfer, alleging she was set up. Despite the accusation, a woman’s voice in the video defends Anjorin, asserting her innocence.

“Later he told me that the money I sent did not go, then I asked him why he didn’t call me to tell me, then asked him the month the transfer was made and he acted like he couldn’t remember,” she added.

Anjorin went on to recount the incident at the market yesterday when the viral video of her was taken. “The guy had already gathered people and they removed my hijab and asked me to sit down like a thief, and I refused,” she said. She continued, adding that she then called her husband, “My husband then said that he would transfer 100,000 to the seller in the meantime. It was all a setup.”

Anjorin’s account contradicts the initial accusation, with the actress maintaining she made a legitimate money transfer. However, upon revisiting the shop, she was confronted and accused of fraudulent payment, prompting her to speak out against what she perceives as a setup.

The incident has sparked widespread reactions on social media, with supporters and skeptics engaging in heated discourse over Anjorin’s innocence. As the controversy unfolds, Anjorin stands firm in her denial of the allegations, calling for transparency and fairness in the resolution of the matter.

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