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HYBE Reports CEO Min Hee-Jin to Police Amid K-Pop Label Controversy

HYBE Reports CEO Min Hee-Jin to Police Amid K-Pop Label Controversy

Korean entertainment powerhouse HYBE, known for managing BTS, has taken legal action against its subsidiary label ADOR’s CEO, Min Hee-jin, over alleged attempts to seize control of the subsidiary. The conflict surrounds the management of popular girl group NewJeans, managed by ADOR.

HYBE announced on April 25 that it would report CEO Min Hee-Jin to the police for breach of trust and related allegations. The company claims to have gathered evidence showing Min’s deliberate efforts to take over management control of ADOR, including discussions to pressure HYBE into selling ADOR’s shares and reaching out to external investors.

The conflict escalated as Min held an emotional press conference in Seoul, refuting the allegations and sharing conversations with HYBE executives. She also addressed rumors regarding other artists under HYBE’s management.

Min, who earned an 18% stake in ADOR in 2023, denies any interest in seizing management rights and has accused HYBE of mistreatment. She highlighted internal disagreements, including concerns over plagiarism involving another HYBE act.

In response to Min’s claims, HYBE released a statement refuting her allegations and urging her resignation. Despite the internal conflict, HYBE reassured fans that NewJeans’ upcoming releases and engagements would proceed as scheduled.

The saga has caused turmoil within HYBE, reflected in a significant drop in the company’s share value. Nonetheless, NewJeans, comprising Minji, Danielle, Hanni, Hyein, and Haerin, will continue with their planned EP release in May and their Japanese debut in June. The group’s future activities, including a world tour in 2025, remain on track amid the ongoing corporate dispute.

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