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Former WWE Employee Accuses Vince McMahon of Sexual Misconduct in Lawsuit

Former WWE Employee Accuses Vince McMahon of Sexual Misconduct in Lawsuit

A former WWE employee, Janel Grant, has filed a lawsuit against the company’s founder, Vince McMahon, and another former WWE executive, John Laurinaitis, accusing them of sex trafficking and abuse. The lawsuit alleges that Grant was a victim of physical and emotional abuse, sexual assault, and trafficking during her time at WWE. Grant claims that McMahon coerced her into a sexual relationship in exchange for promised employment and later shared explicit content of her with others inside and outside the company.

The lawsuit further accuses McMahon of recruiting others, including Laurinaitis, for sexual relations with Grant. Grant states that she felt trapped in an impossible situation, fearing negative consequences if she didn’t comply. The lawsuit details instances of sexual assault in Laurinaitis’ office, with other colleagues present.

Grant alleges that she lost her job after McMahon pressured her to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) in January 2022, which he later stopped paying. The lawsuit seeks to void the NDA and claims compensatory and punitive damages. It also accuses WWE of attempting to conceal the wrongdoing and failing to address the issue adequately.

McMahon’s spokesperson has vehemently denied the allegations, calling the lawsuit “replete with lies.” WWE’s parent company, TKO Group, expressed taking the allegations seriously but clarified that McMahon doesn’t control TKO, and they are addressing the matter internally.

This lawsuit follows McMahon stepping down as WWE’s CEO in 2022 amid a previous investigation into hush money payments related to sexual misconduct claims. The legal action reignites concerns about WWE’s handling of allegations and sheds light on the broader issue of workplace abuse within the organization.

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