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Emma Stone Eyes “Jeopardy!” Spotlight

Emma Stone Eyes "Jeopardy!" Spotlight

Acclaimed actress Emma Stone, known for her Oscar and Golden Globe wins, has a new ambition: conquering “Jeopardy!” The 35-year-old revealed on Variety’s “Awards Circuit” podcast that she’s a devoted fan of the iconic trivia show and dreams of being a contestant.

Applying annually in June, Stone is determined to appear on the genuine “Jeopardy!” and not the celebrity version. “I don’t want to go on Celebrity Jeopardy! I want to earn my stripes,” she declared. Despite the rigorous selection process, Stone hasn’t received the coveted nod yet. Undeterred, she diligently sharpens her trivia skills each night, hoping her next attempt will land her a spot.

In a recent interview, Stone emphasized her commitment to the classic format, saying, “I watch it every single night, and I mark down how many answers I get right. And I swear, I could go on ‘Jeopardy!'”

The actress’s refusal to settle for Celebrity Jeopardy! aligns with her determination to prove her mettle against other non-celebrity contestants. Despite her email address’s annual encounter with the Jeopardy! test, Stone remains optimistic about her chances, eager to showcase her knowledge in categories like geography, ancient history, and challenging vocabulary.

With the hosting reins passed to former champion Ken Jennings following the passing of Alex Trebek, Stone’s aspiration adds a touch of celebrity excitement to the iconic game show. As she continues her quest for a spot on “Jeopardy!,” fans eagerly await the possibility of seeing Emma Stone face off against formidable contestants and bring her trivia prowess to the legendary quiz.

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