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Elsa Majimbo Reveals Strained Relationship with Naomi Campbell

Elsa Majimbo Reveals Strained Relationship with Naomi Campbell

Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo recently sparked controversy by shedding light on her tumultuous relationship with British supermodel Naomi Campbell.

In an eight-minute video shared on social media, Majimbo detailed how her once-close bond with Campbell deteriorated over time. The two initially met in December 2020 during Campbell’s visit to Kenya, where they began a mentor-mentee relationship. However, tensions arose when Campbell allegedly threatened legal action against Majimbo for filming a documentary without her consent.

Despite Campbell’s purported support initially, Majimbo claimed that their relationship soured after she released her own documentary, which Campbell felt infringed upon her ideas. This disagreement marked the beginning of their feud.

Majimbo emphasized that while Campbell provided her with opportunities and credibility in the entertainment industry, she refused to acknowledge Campbell as the sole contributor to her success. Despite the fallout, Majimbo asserted that she neither considers Campbell a friend nor an enemy but rather views her as a stranger.

The rift between Majimbo and Campbell sheds light on the complexities of mentorship and fame in the entertainment world, leaving fans and observers intrigued by the dynamics of their relationship.

Majimbo’s Rise to Fame

Elsa Majimbo, a 22-year-old content creator from Kenya, gained prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic with her comedic videos, often filmed from her bed, where she humorously discussed topics like money and pride. Beyond her comedic talents, Majimbo is a 15-time Chess Champion.

Her breakthrough came in September 2020 when she collaborated with Fenty sunglasses, showcasing her witty humor. Subsequently, she was recognized as the Entertainer of the Year by GQ in December of the same year and received the Streamys award for Best New Comedy Creator.

In February 2021, Majimbo was nominated for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards as “Favorite African Social Media Star” and later appeared in the Nickelodeon TV Movie “The Great Nickmas Tree Sliming” in 2022.

Despite her rising success, Majimbo’s revelations about her relationship with Campbell highlight the challenges and complexities that come with fame and mentorship in the entertainment industry.

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