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Doja Cat’s Mother Files Restraining Order Against Brother Over Alleged Abuse

Doja Cat's Mother Files Restraining Order Against Brother Over Alleged Abuse

Doja Cat’s mother, Deborah Sawyer, has filed a domestic violence restraining order against the rapper’s brother, Raman Dlamini, alleging a history of physical and verbal abuse. The court documents reveal disturbing incidents, including an episode in November where Dlamini allegedly choked Sawyer and threatened her life. Sawyer contends she felt unsafe in his presence, leading to her legal action.

The restraining order request outlines Dlamini’s blockage of Sawyer from her home on January 10, prompting fears for her safety. Notably, Sawyer extends concerns to Doja Cat (Amala Dlamini), accusing Raman of physically abusing the Grammy-winning rapper, causing injuries such as knocked-out teeth and bruises. The verbal abuse allegedly includes “degrading and demeaning” language.

The court granted a partial restraining order, with a hearing scheduled for January 31. Sawyer emphasizes the need for protection for Doja Cat and her 13-year-old grandson, Myles Dlamini, who has reportedly suffered verbal abuse as well. The legal action unfolds amidst Doja Cat’s musical success, raising concerns about the impact on her personal life.

Representatives for Doja Cat have not responded to requests for comment. The family’s domestic turmoil is a stark contrast to Doja Cat’s recent achievements, including her Grammy-winning album “Scarlet” and the chart-topping single “Paint the Town Red.”

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