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Cynthia Morgan Accused of Cyberstalking Benin Crown Prince

Cynthia Morgan Accused of Cyberstalking Benin Crown Prince

Cynthia Morgan, the popular singer, has been accused of cyberstalking and harassing Benin crown prince, Ezelekhae Ewuare, according to a petition filed against her. The allegations include defamation, cyberstalking, harassment, and making false accusations against the prince. Morgan allegedly published offensive material about the prince online, accused him of bewitching her in her dreams, and continued to contact him despite being blocked.

The prince’s petition claims that Morgan’s behavior posed a threat to his safety and violated his right to privacy. The police reportedly arrested Morgan for cyberstalking the prince since 2020, based on a petition submitted by the prince to the State Commissioner of Police. The petition details Morgan’s persistent efforts to contact the prince against his wishes, including physical trailing to his workplace and online harassment.

Morgan’s actions are described as a form of criminal offense under the Cybercrimes Act of 2015. The police, however, have not officially confirmed her arrest when contacted by the media.

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