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Custody Dispute: Sophia Momodu Responds to Davido’s Allegations

Custody Dispute: Sophia Momodu Responds to Davido's Allegations

Sophia Momodu has addressed the legal battle initiated by singer Davido concerning their daughter, Imade Adeleke.

The dispute centers around custody of Imade, shared by the former couple who were previously romantically involved.

Davido, through his legal team, sought joint custody of Imade, alleging that Sophia denied him access to their child.

In response, Sophia Momodu, represented by Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors and Bimpe Ajegbomogun & Co., clarified that she has never restricted Davido’s access to their nine-year-old daughter. She stated that it has been Davido’s choice not to see Imade since July 2022.

Sophia also emphasized that her decision to end their relationship in July 2022 was due to alleged threats from Davido to disrupt her life if she did not engage in intimacy with him. She asserted that during their on-and-off relationship from 2014 to 2017 and again from 2020 to 2022, Davido provided financial support for Imade’s education, accommodation, and other expenses, including vehicles.

The legal proceedings continue as both parties navigate the custody issues surrounding their daughter.

Read her statement below


Sophia Momodu Addresses Allegations Amid Custody


Lagos, Nigeria – June 22, 2024 – In response to the one-sided article published by Punch newspaper on 19th June 2024 titled

“David Adeleke Seeking Custody of the Daughter,” Sophia

Momodu issues the following official statement to set the record straight:

Sophia Momodu through her legal representatives (Punuka attorneys & solicitors and BIMPE AJEGBOMOGUN & CO) urges journalists to verify stories before reporting skewed and unbalanced information to the public.

1. Relationship and Financial Support History: David

Adeleke and Sophia Momodu were in a relationship from 2014-2017 and 2020-2022. During this time, David provided financial support for their daughter, covering school fees, rent, and other living expenses, including the cars mentioned in the article.

2. End of Relationship: Sophia ended the relationship with David in July 2022. Since then, David has repeatedly threatened to make Sophia’s life miserable if she does not make herself available to him sexually.

3. Lack of Contact and Emotional Support: David has not seen their daughter since July 2022 by his own choice. Sophia has never denied him the opportunity to see his daughter. He has not reached out on special occasions such as her birthday or Christmas for the past two years, which has left his daughter distressed and questioning why her father has cut contact with her. Despite this, David posts images of her on social media to falsely portray himself as a supportive and active father.

4. Financial Neglect: Since July 2022, David has not fulfilled his financial responsibilities towards their daughter, leaving her school fees unpaid. Their daughter’s school has contacted him multiple times regarding the fees for the 2021/2022 school term and January 2023, with no response. Legal counsel was sought in February 2023, resulting in David’s father, Mr. Adedeji Adeleke, eventually paying the outstanding fees. Regardless of this neglect Sophia strongly maintains that the most important support David can provide to their daughter is his presence and emotional support.

5. Sole Financial Responsibility: Since July 2022, Sophia has solely shouldered expenses including rent, living and travel costs, healthcare, and all other expenses related to their daughter.

6. Failed Mediation Attempts: Two years ago, Sophia initiated efforts through her legal team to establish a formal co-parenting arrangement with David, but he and his lawyers have consistently refused to cooperate toward a mutually agreeable resolution. Instead, they have attempted to discredit and isolate Sophia and their daughter using David’s social influence and network.

7. Access and Harassment: Sophia has never denied David access to their daughter, only access to her body and intimacy, which he has taken issue with. David is in a publicly known relationship, and Sophia wishes him well. She seeks to move forward in her life free from harassment and verbal abuse.

Sophia Momodu refrains from further comment as the matter has escalated into a legal dispute. Despite facing threats and claims of immunity from Nigerian law, she maintains faith in the justice system and fully cooperates with the legal process. She hopes that the injustices and hardships faced by herself and their daughter will be exposed and justice served, with all necessary documentation provided to back claims.

Through this challenging situation, Sophia remains hopeful for a positive outcome where David actively participates in their daughter’s life.


Custody Dispute: Sophia Momodu Responds to Davido's Allegations
Custody Dispute: Sophia Momodu Responds to Davido's Allegations

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