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Colombia Honors Shakira with 21.3ft Bronze Statue in Barranquilla

Colombia Honors Shakira with 21.3ft Bronze Statue in Barranquilla

In a monumental tribute to Colombian music icon Shakira, a 21.3ft (6.5 meters) bronze statue capturing her trademark hip-swinging pose has been unveiled in her hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia.

Shakira expressed her excitement and gratitude on Instagram, sharing photos and videos of the statue. She thanked sculptor Yino Márquez and his students for their “enormous artistic talent.” The singer’s parents also stood before the statue, adding a personal touch to the tribute.

Known for her influential role in the Colombian music scene and her international success, Shakira’s statue highlights her impact, describing her birthday, February 2, 1977, as the day the city of Barranquilla “was born to the world.” The inscription lauds her talents, praising her “heart that composes,” “unmatched talent,” “voice that moves masses,” and “hips that do not lie.”

Colombia Honors Shakira with 21.3ft Bronze Statue in Barranquilla

While the statue is sizable, it does not surpass some other pop icon tributes. Still, it stands as a symbol of admiration for the artist who, according to legend, began her iconic hip-shaking dance moves on a table in a Lebanese restaurant at the age of four in Barranquilla.

Unlike some controversial statues, Shakira’s bronze likeness has not faced criticism. The singer thanked the sculptor for the “enormous artistic talent” demonstrated in creating the statue.

This tribute follows Shakira’s recent legal settlement in Spain, where she agreed to pay a €7m fine to resolve a tax fraud case. The statue unveiling adds another notable event to the singer’s year, which also saw her recognized at the Latin Grammys with three awards.

Shakira, who remains a prominent figure globally, holds a special place in the hearts of Barranquilleras, and this monumental statue stands as a testament to her enduring influence on Colombian culture.

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