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Cher Takes Legal Action for Conservatorship Over Son Elijah Amidst Substance Abuse Concerns

Cher Takes Legal Action for Conservatorship Over Son Elijah Amidst Substance Abuse Concerns

Iconic singer Cher has filed for a conservatorship for her 47-year-old son, Elijah Blue Allman, citing his alleged struggles with substance abuse and mental health issues. According to court documents obtained by the BBC and Billboard, Cher is seeking the conservatorship to protect her son’s property, physical well-being, and financial resources.

The court documents, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, claim that Elijah is “substantially unable to manage his financial resources” due to severe mental health and substance abuse issues. The filing expresses Cher’s concern that any funds distributed to Elijah from a trust set up by his late father, musician Gregg Allman, would be immediately spent on drugs, putting his life at risk.

Cher’s legal team argues that a conservatorship is urgently needed to ensure Elijah’s well-being and manage his assets. A temporary order hearing is scheduled for January 5, with a hearing for a permanent order set for March 6.

Elijah, who is due to receive assets from the trust, has not publicly commented on the legal proceedings. Notably, Cher recently denied allegations of hiring men to kidnap her son from a New York City hotel room.

The move comes two years after Cher celebrated the end of Britney Spears’ high-profile conservatorship, expressing support for the #FreeBritney movement. In the documents, Cher emphasizes her efforts to get Elijah into treatment and ensure his safety.

The legal action adds a new chapter to the singer’s life, known for her illustrious career spanning decades. Despite legal challenges, Cher recently made a return to the Billboard Hot 100 with “DJ Play a Christmas Song,” marking her first appearance on the chart in nearly 22 years.

The court proceedings are expected to unfold in the coming months, with Cher aiming to secure conservatorship to provide support and protection for her son Elijah.

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