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Charly Boy Opens Up About Past Bank Scams and Personal Life

Charly Boy Opens Up About Past Bank Scams and Personal Life

Renowned Nigerian artist Charles Oputa, famously known as Charly Boy, recently revealed on The Honest Bunch Podcast that he engaged in bank scams even before the infamous 419 fraud gained notoriety in Nigeria.

In a candid conversation with podcast co-host Nedu, Charly Boy admitted to his past criminal activities, stating, “I used to be a thief. I was scamming banks. Even before una begin to hear of 419, I don do small.”

When pressed for details by Nedu, Charly Boy chose not to elaborate on the mechanics of his scams but acknowledged that he conducted them abroad, away from parental supervision.

Reflecting on his actions, Charly Boy described them as “stupid and dumb,” expressing regret for his past behavior. He emphasized that he doesn’t advocate for such actions and attributed his misguided choices to youthful impulsivity.

Additionally, Charly Boy shared personal anecdotes, including becoming a father at 16 and recounting an experience with a partner whose gender identity shifted unexpectedly. He expressed a desire for a more equal and balanced relationship dynamic moving forward.

Charly Boy’s openness about his past serves as a reminder of the complexity of human experiences and the capacity for growth and change. Despite his controversial past, he remains a prominent figure known for his alternative lifestyle, political activism, and contributions to Nigerian media and music.

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