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Candace Owens Fired from Daily Wire for Allegedly Promoting Antisemitism

Candace Owens Fired from Daily Wire for Allegedly Promoting Antisemitism

Candace Owens, a far-right influencer, has been fired from her hosting position at the Daily Wire due to her repeated promotion of antisemitism.

The announcement was made on Friday by the company, stating that Owens is no longer affiliated with the Daily Wire after three years as a commentator.

Jeremy Boreing, cofounder and CEO of Daily Wire, confirmed the news on X (formerly Twitter), stating, “Daily Wire and Candace Owens have ended their relationship.”

Owens also addressed the situation on X, stating, “The rumors are true — I am finally free,” and directing her followers to her website for future updates.

Additionally, she informed her followers about her plans to resume posting content on her YouTube channel “after a brief hiatus.”

Sources familiar with the situation revealed that Owens was let go over what the Daily Wire leadership perceived as antisemitism. The decision was made earlier this week.

Owens and fellow Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro have been publicly feuding on social media, particularly regarding their differing opinions on the Israel-Gaza conflict. Reports suggest that Owens’ appearance on the “Fresh and Fit” podcast on March 8 was the final straw for Daily Wire.

TMZ said Daily Wire execs had previous conversations with Candace in an attempt to understand her position as they didn’t want to censor her — but they felt the podcast incident crossed the line.

Her dismissal comes shortly after Candace addressed her feud with Ben when she was on “The Breakfast Club” Thursday, saying she was not anti-Israel or antisemitic but is simply against all forms of genocide.

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