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Bobrisky Shares Positive Experience of Transitioning into Woman

Bobrisky Shares Positive Experience of Transitioning into Woman

Popular Nigerian transgender figure, Bobrisky, has shared his positive experience of transitioning into a woman, describing the process as “smooth.”

Taking to Instagram, Bobrisky expressed happiness with his transition, emphasizing that he encountered no health issues during the surgery procedure.

In the Instagram post, Bobrisky thanked his medical teams both in Nigeria and abroad for their assistance in facilitating his transition into femininity.

“My journey transitioning into a woman has been going smooth, no health issues, everything is going smooth for me. I want to say thank you to all my doctors both home and abroad. You all did an amazing job with my body,” he wrote.

Bobrisky previously disclosed his decision to transition from male to female, stating that he realized he would thrive better as a woman. He proudly identifies himself as the “sexiest trans on earth.”

The choice of the name “Bobrisky” reflects the risks he took in undergoing numerous surgical procedures to live authentically as a woman.

The statement reflects Bobrisky’s contentment with his transformation and his appreciation for the medical professionals who facilitated it.

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