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Ariana Grande’s “Yes, And?” Video Draws Praise from Paula Abdul for “Cold Hearted” References

Ariana Grande's "Yes, And?" Video Draws Praise from Paula Abdul for "Cold Hearted" References

Ariana Grande’s latest single, “Yes, And?” has not only caught the attention of fans but also received acclaim from pop icon Paula Abdul. Abdul, known for her 1989 music video “Cold Hearted,” was thrilled to see Grande pay homage to her work in the new music video.

Expressing her excitement on X and Instagram, Abdul called the homage “EVERYTHING!!!” and considered it a great honor. She asked fans about their favorite parts of the video and showered Grande with love. The 30-year-old pop star reciprocated the appreciation, thanking Abdul for her brilliance and inspiration.

Ariana Grande's "Yes, And?" Video Draws Praise from Paula Abdul for "Cold Hearted" References

The “Yes, And?” video, directed by Christian Breslauer, cleverly mirrors the plot, setup, and style of Abdul’s “Cold Hearted” video. Both videos feature the artists wearing papillon hats and engaging in Bob Fosse-inspired choreography. The homage goes beyond visuals, capturing the essence of Abdul’s iconic video.

In “Yes, And?” Grande invites critics to witness her performance, reminiscent of Abdul’s bold confrontation with judgmental record label executives in “Cold Hearted.” Both videos showcase the artists’ confidence and skill, leaving an impression on their audiences.

Abdul emphasized the similarities with a side-by-side video comparison on Instagram, highlighting the parallels in style and choreography. Fans noticed the resemblance, and Abdul’s confirmation added another layer of appreciation for Grande’s creative tribute.

While Abdul’s original video dealt with skeptical record executives, Grande addresses critics directly, asserting control over her narrative. The lyrics suggest a response to public scrutiny, urging others not to comment on her body or personal life.

As Grande continues to make waves with her musical evolution, this homage to Abdul’s iconic video adds a nostalgic touch and sparks discussions about the interplay between past and present in pop culture.

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