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Angela Okorie Criticizes Zubby Michael’s Public Donation to Junior Pope’s Family

Angela Okorie Criticizes Zubby Michael's Public Donation to Junior Pope's Family

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has voiced her disapproval of fellow actor Zubby Michael’s decision to publicize his cash donation to the family of their late colleague, Junior Pope.

Okorie criticized Michael for recording the donation and sharing it on social media, stating that it was inappropriate to flaunt money during such a solemn occasion as a burial.

Junior Pope, also known as John Paul Obumneme Odonwodo, tragically passed away on April 10, 2024, alongside three others in a boat accident on the Anam River in Anambra State.

In her Instagram stories, Okorie expressed her disappointment, suggesting that Michael should have made the donation privately instead of using it as a publicity stunt. She referred to him as a “local boy” for his actions.

Her post read, “Zubby na young person die. The showcase of money wasn’t necessary, but as a local boy that you are, you know that you don’t have sense. You don’t know where to do show and where to behave well. Abi you get money pass all the dignitaries wey come there? Mugu.”

Okorie’s comments sparked agreement from other social media users, who also criticized Michael for recording his charity gesture. Some suggested that there might be underlying issues between Okorie and Michael beyond this incident.

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