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Actress Omoni Oboli Excited to Become a Grandma to a Baby Girl

Omoni Oboli Excited to Become a Grandma to a Baby Girl

Actress Omoni Oboli is thrilled to announce she will soon become a grandmother, as her son Nnamdi and his wife Marelle are expecting a baby girl. The couple shared heartwarming photos online, radiating joy over their pregnancy.

Omoni Oboli expressed her excitement on Instagram, posting adorable pictures of the expecting couple and revealing the gender of her soon-to-arrive grandchild. She shared her long-held desire for a baby girl, mentioning how she had dreamt, talked, and even considered adoption before feeling disheartened. However, she now feels blessed that her dream is coming true through her new daughter-in-law.

“I’ve always wanted a baby girl. I’ve dreamt about her, I’ve talked about her, I’ve even tried to adopt her, and just when I was about to give up, God said, I will give you the desires of your heart,” Omoni shared.

The news comes just months after Tobe and Marelle tied the knot, having announced their engagement in January and married in March. Omoni expressed her joy, saying, “I’ve become a cry baby besties. Every time I think about the fact that our baby is coming, I cry. Can’t wait to hold her in my hands. She’ll be the cutest baby ever.”

As the family prepares to welcome the new addition, they are overjoyed and ready to spoil her. Omoni’s heartfelt posts were filled with gratitude and excitement for the blessings in their lives.

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