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Actress Doris Simeon Reveals Reasons for Relocating to America

Actress Doris Simeon Reveals Reasons for Relocating to America

Doris Simeon, the renowned Nollywood actress known for her roles in Yoruba films in the early 2000s, recently disclosed her decision to relocate to the United States during an interview with her colleague, Kunle Afod.

Doris explained that she moved to the US in 2018 to be closer to her child, who resides there with his father. She emphasized her longing for family, friends, and the vibrant Nigerian street food culture that she misses dearly.

Previously married to filmmaker Daniel Ademinokan, with whom she shares a son named David, Doris’s personal circumstances influenced her relocation to America. Despite settling in the US, she expressed nostalgia for Nigeria and her passion for acting, especially when seeing colleagues share behind-the-scenes moments on social media.

Doris recounted her journey to America, which began with persistent efforts to obtain a visa after facing initial denials. She eventually secured a visa in 2012, leading to visits back and forth before permanently moving in 2018.

Starting a new life in America presented challenges, with Doris emphasizing the need for hard work to meet living expenses. Currently, she works as a hairdresser and is involved in programs supporting youth and teen mothers in Maryland.

Reflecting on her acting career, Doris cherishes her beginnings with Wale Adenuga Productions’ sitcom “Papa Ajasco” and her subsequent roles in numerous movies across genres.

Despite her relocation, Doris plans to visit Nigeria within the next one to two years, underscoring her enduring connection to her home country.

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